Long Ball Participates in Umps Care Pilot Program

Long ball participated in the pilot program of Umps Care Charity this past Saturday (May 19, 2018). UMPS CARE Charities was founded through the compassion of Major League Baseball umpires. They provide financial, in-kind and emotional support for America’s youth and families in need. Long Ball players and staff got to meet the umpires at 5:15 before the game between the Bulls and the Indianapolis Indians  and they donated 5 future Long Ball players tickets to the Bull’s home game on Saturday, gave them goody bags and $10 meal vouchers. Players and staff toured the facility, then met the umpires on the field. We had 3 parents and two siblings join us and they were all able to go with us on the tour and enjoy the game that evening. This was the first time the program was extended to Minor League baseball as it was a major league charity program. We were glad to be the pilot program and the best thing is the Bull’s won that day and the rain held off. The umpires enjoyed talking with the kids and made a game out of asking them questions about baseball to see how good their baseball IQ was. They were asked if a defending player took off his ball cap and caught a fly ball was it an out? The answer? It wasn’t an out and the runner got 3 bases. Two players were allowed to try on umpire gear. They got to meet a few of the Indian players and one Durham Bull’s player Justin Williams who plays right field. He also got a homerun that night. It was a great event and everyone thanked the umpires for their time and went upstairs to enjoy the game.

Pictures of the event:

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