SafeSport Training

There are three SafeSport courses to complete—1. SafeSport: Mandatory Reporting; 2. SafeSport: Emotional and Physical Misconduct; and 3. SafeSport: Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education.

All three courses are available for free via USA Baseball at the following link: U.S. Center for SafeSport. Please note that each course is listed separately and is on a course page with other USA Baseball educational resources. Steps are as follows:

  1. Select one of the above-mentioned courses. This will take you to a landing page for that course. Click “Add to Cart.” This will take you to a confirmation page indicating the course has been added to your cart.
  2. Click “Continue Shopping” and repeat Step 1 for the other two courses.
  3. After all three courses are added to your cart, click “Proceed to Checkout”.
  4. If you have an existing USA Baseball account, enter your applicable login information. If not, you will need to select “Create a new account” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. To check out, you will need to enter a shipping address. After entering the address, change the shipping method to electronic download. Submit order.
  6. After submitting, the three courses will appear at the top of the screen.
  7. Complete each course. At the end of each course, a certificate will be available.

You must download and save each certificate. Upon completion of all three courses, please print and give a copy of all three certificates to Pat James or email it to her at