“From My Heart To Yours” by Pat James

The proceeds of Pat’s newly released book will go towards a
Long Ball Scholarship Fund

Pat writes…

“I have been trying to find a way to support a Long Ball Scholarship Fund and since God blessed me with the talent to write poetry, From My Heart To Yours Inspirational poems and words of encouragement was created”.

“I started writing in high school and have been doing it every since. Half the proceeds will be used to fund Long Ball scholarship fund and the other to continue purchasing books as needed to keep up with demand that I pray will be high. The book includes poems about world events, people from all walks of life and the last chapter is dedicated to families that lost love ones. I know when people spend their money they want something in return, and now I have this book that I can offer them in exchange for their support.”

This link will go directly to Amazon.com to purchase one. Thank you.

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