Jr RBI Classic Update for Saturday, July 12, 2014

Myra Blackwell writes from St Paul, MN…

After a long first day, we weren’t thrilled about the early start, but we were at breakfast at 6:45 am to prepare for our first game against Tampa, FL. The weather was cloudy with steady sprinkles that didn’t seem heavy enough to keep us from taking the field. The rain began to pick up and were finally canceled for the morning as the morning showers got heavy.

Bored and stuck inside because of the rain, we had to find something to keep them occupied for the next few hours. We found a security guard in the Arts building that saved the day! (And our sanity) He gave us access to a game room with ping pong, pool tables, darts and arcade games with free play – YAY!! Rainy day problem solved, for now.

After lunch we headed to the gym for our community service project with Kids Against Hunger. It’s a great program that works to reduce the number of hungry children in the USA and to feed starving children throughout the world. They ship meals to starving children and their families in over 60 countries throughout the world. For one hour we package meal mixtures that consisted of white grain rice, crushed soy, dehydrated vegetables, and a vitamin and mineral powered. Once all the ingredients are in the bag it’s weighed to make sure its the proper amount and sealed to be boxed and shipped. The kids were setup as an assembly line with a job of scooping or weighing ingredients to create the meal bags. Thanks to our time with this project, we will help to feed 30,000 children and their families.

Finally after an early dinner…it was time to play ball! Our first opponent was from Lancaster, Texas. We drove through downtown rush hour traffic that was a lot easier to navigate than they expected, putting us at the park about 1.5 hours early. Both team took advantage of the time to get some practice in. The teams played great and were happy to finally play in a game.

We finished the night with some pizza and little ESPN in the lounge, then rest for the upcoming day.

Today’s [Saturday] a big day! We play the home team, Minnesota, at 8:30 am followed by Mt Vernon, NY at 11. We finally head to the All-Star week events with Fanfest this evening.

We hope that all is well all is well at home and we’ll check in again soon!


Pictures from Friday

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