Video of Pat James and Coach Frank Jacobs

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Equipment donation by Jackson Hicks

Jackson Hicks

Jackson Hicks a senior at East Chapel Hill High School

Back on June 30, 2015 Pat James got an email from Jackson Hicks, a senior at  East Chapel Hill High School. After reading an article about Long Ball and our association with Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI). He offered to gather baseball equipment that he and his teammates had outgrown. In the true spirit of sportsmanship he wanted to share with Long Ball and RBI.

Pat explained that since our players span the ages of 13 to 18 and are all sizes, any and all donations would be welcome.

Later in July he got together with Pat and dropped off what he had gathered so far. Here’s a picture of what he had.

Donated equiptment

Donated equiptment

We are are overwhelmed by his generosity, thoughtfulness and sportsmanship.

Thank you Jackson!

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R.B.I. (Reviving Baseball In Inner Cities)

We are glad to announce that Durham Triple Play Long Ball will be under the umbrella of R.B.I. which is a Major League program. Every player in our program will be an R.B.I. player. Please visit the RBI website to see all the wonderful opportunities they provide.

The staff will be attending training sessions for new participants in March 2014. The good news is we are already operating according to their guidelines, so it will be an easy transition.

What does this mean for you?

We will need a copy of player’s physical (which you should have if he played sports in school, if not please get one from your physician. Copy of birth certificate if we don’t have it and insurance fee of $25 per player which is an R.B.I. requirement. This fee must be paid even if you have your own insurance as it is mandatory secondary insurance that each participant must purchase. You can’t participate in RBI/ Durham Triple Play without this insurance. This is for new and returning players. Please collect this information and put aside for registration 2014 if your son plans to return next year. We will send out email updates and reminders about registration and tryouts once the dates have been set.

In the past we were able to wait for this information, now we have to have it before we can let your son participate in team practices and season games.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and we look forward to working with you to make this program even better.

Durham Triple Play Staff

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What is the Long Ball Baseball Program?

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Duke Blue Devil of the Week – Pat James

Pat James – Blue Devil of the Week

Link to the story here.

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Pat James nominated for Rare Life Honor, please vote here

Please vote for Ms Pat. Here’s a link to her winning story. Just click the button on the linked page to vote.

Pat’s story

This is from the Eagle Rare site:

Each story is submitted into one of six categories: Courage, Leadership, Survival, Devotion, Character and Heroism. The top five finalists to receive the most votes in each category will be considered for a category prize of $5,000. Our award-winning panel of judges will then evaluate the top 10 nominees across all categories to determine the winner of the Eagle Rare Life Award and the $50,000 Grand Prize, which will be donated to the charity or cause of the winner’s choice.

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2018 Long Ball End-of-Season Banquet

This gallery contains 25 photos.


AW NC 2018 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2018 AW NC scholarship winners.

Sam Boss, Nike Perry AW NC President Toru Shimizu and Jaylen Davis

Mrs Wilson AW NC, Jaylen Davis, Sam Boss, Nike Perry and Pat James

Many thanks to our sponsor AW North Carolina.

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Duke Head Coach Chris Pollard gets a trophy from Long Ball RBI

Pat James and Chris Pollard

Pat James –

“Me giving Duke head coach Chris Pollard a trophy from Long Ball RBI to show our appreciation for their partnership over the years! Duke also made it to the finals for the first time since 1961 wow! I know Chris was going to do some amazing things for Duke baseball when he reached out to me about a partnership.”

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2018 – Play Ball!

Opening games scores:

Knights vs Thunder – Knights won 7/6
Storm vs Scrappers – Storm won 6/2

For all scores and standings go to here.

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Long Ball Participates in Umps Care Pilot Program

Long ball participated in the pilot program of Umps Care Charity this past Saturday (May 19, 2018). UMPS CARE Charities was founded through the compassion of Major League Baseball umpires. They provide financial, in-kind and emotional support for America’s youth and families in need. Long Ball players and staff got to meet the umpires at 5:15 before the game between the Bulls and the Indianapolis Indians  and they donated 5 future Long Ball players tickets to the Bull’s home game on Saturday, gave them goody bags and $10 meal vouchers. Players and staff toured the facility, then met the umpires on the field. We had 3 parents and two siblings join us and they were all able to go with us on the tour and enjoy the game that evening. This was the first time the program was extended to Minor League baseball as it was a major league charity program. We were glad to be the pilot program and the best thing is the Bull’s won that day and the rain held off. The umpires enjoyed talking with the kids and made a game out of asking them questions about baseball to see how good their baseball IQ was. They were asked if a defending player took off his ball cap and caught a fly ball was it an out? The answer? It wasn’t an out and the runner got 3 bases. Two players were allowed to try on umpire gear. They got to meet a few of the Indian players and one Durham Bull’s player Justin Williams who plays right field. He also got a homerun that night. It was a great event and everyone thanked the umpires for their time and went upstairs to enjoy the game.

Pictures of the event:

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Pitch Hit & Run Event

phrPitch Hit & Run Event

Jack Coombs Field
101 Whitford Dr, Durham, NC 27708
For Girls and Boys
Baseball Game @ 1:00 pm
Pitch, Hit & Run @ 4:30 pm
Sunday April 22, 2018

You don’t have to be a softball or baseball player to throw a ball, run around the bases and hit off a “T”. Girls will use a softball and boys a baseball.

Duke will be hosting it there they have also invited the participants to be there guest
for the Duke vs NC State baseball game that starts at 1:00 pm which they need to call
Samuel Place to reserve their tickets which you already have up there.

Please call Samuel Place for free Duke baseball tickets at (919)684-9734.

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Hendrick GM Southpoint is going to bat for Durham Triple Play in 2018

We are pleased to announce that the Long Ball Program – Durham Triple Play Leagues has partnered with Hendrick GM Southpoint through its Chevy Youth Baseball program. This program will provide our league with new equipment, instructional opportunities as well as monetary support.

In 2018, the Chevy Youth Baseball Test Drive Fundraiser is a program by which Hendrick GM Southpoint will provide everything you need on opening day, Thursday May 31st at 6:00 pm at the Durham Athletic Park.

Did you know that Chevy stores can service all makes and models?

The Chevy Youth Baseball Test Drive Fundraiser is EASY!

The dealership folks will will have the code and laptops right at the ballpark so you can register right at the game.



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2018 Tryouts

Tryouts: Saturday, April 21st at 11:00 am Hillside Park both age groups. You will need to register online as RBI require all participants use the online leagueApp for all participants including coaches and staff.

Register here.


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